Springtime with Jess: Highlights

With only 9 days of spring left, and the school year coming to a rapid end, I thought collecting the highlights of my spring Instagrams would be a small way to slow down time. We collectively ask, "How is time flying by so quickly?" and one answer for me is being too busy. It is not my preference to be over-scheduled and busy but my need for slow and calm is often trumped by family and school activities. Let's face it, I'm the mom of an active 11 year old boy. Watching the wind in the trees happens sometimes for a few minutes during the summer, but certainly not for hours. Forget about it when school is in session. School is GO TIME and the school year has its own engine that zips me along the fast track from the start of the year to shiny book bags and brand new lunch containers to joining the Board to HalloweenThankgsivingChristmasNewYearsValentinesDaySomethingAboutBeingIrish (see how that happened right there?) and then comes Birthday Season. We have four birthdays  in our family from March 29th through May 7th, followed right up by Mother's Day. Then before you know it, we are here in June with three days of school left and shaking our heads asking, "How is time flying by so quickly?"

So, here is my invitation to slow down. Let's reflect upon the season that is ending before rushing headlong into the next.

Here are my highlights of spring!

spring Instagram highlights from Sweet Eventide Photography