In Escrow

In mid-May, my husband and I began the home buying process here. This was our intention when we left California, to move to Portland and eventually quit renting and become homeowners. Our timing on this process was less than ideal as the market has changed substantially since we moved here in 2011. It is now a seller's market and buying a home in a seller's market is not something I would wish on anyone. I will write a separate post about what we went through, but know that this process has consumed nearly every moment of my days since May 12th. However, we are in the final days of escrow on a home and I wanted to share a few Instagrams on my blog this week as it is all feeling more real now. chimney

The chimney with an S on it. We'd like to DIY it into a J.

ginko tree

There is a ginko tree in the back yard! For two years, I have vowed when I bought a house that I would plant a ginko tree. Well I didn't even notice it when we made the offer on the house, I noticed it during one of the inspections!


There is a custom greenhouse in the backyard! Honestly, it was a totally unexpected, and dreamy, bonus.

We are moving to a totally different neighborhood of Portland, but one we have spent lots of time in. It is closer to school, so less of a commute also. Our number one goal in our house hunt was a neighborhood where families are outside hanging out with kids close to the Noodle's age. Our new neighborhood scores high on that goal.

I will share some interior photos later this week in a separate post. If you can't wait, you can always search my hashtag on Instagram: #theJsnewhouse.