Okay how come no one told me about the wonders of a Swiffer?

Okay so maybe my ban on commercial advertisements has gone too far, my auto-avoidance of them through the wonders of TiVo has done me one disservice.

Okay so maybe I have known about Swiffer for years but was taking the environmental high ground.

Well enough is enough. I will serve the environment in some other way. I will put my morals on hold until this puppy is housetrained. Because Swiffer is fabulous. It is fabulous dry (under the couch and tv cabinet) and it is fabulous wet, every citrus chemical drop that wipes my floors clean of muddy paw prints and trails of puppy pee.

Yes Swiffer, I love thee whilst I deplore thee in my local landfill.

Seventh Generation, are you reading? Do you have a Swiffer in R&D soon to be available at my local Whole Paycheck?