Well Wishes

I hobbled around to take pictures of all the well wishes in my little house so I could share them with everyone. (I'll get to the closet next trip). Anyway, it's a beautiful rainy day here which just adds to my joy.

With all these cheerful signs around me, it hardly phased me when I just coughed and nearly passed out from pain. Okay I admit -- it did too phase me. :)

from Marsh & BD pre-surgery

from Lara yesterday morning, hello stunning!

gorgeous roses from all the teachers at Campbell CDC

Yesterday evening, Jaden said "I am so angry with you Mama and I do not know why!" I guessed pretty easily (he's mad I am not up to my normal activities) but he got over it eventually and brought out almost all of his animals to keep me company.

This is to show everyone that I am taking my vitamins proactively. :)

Here's to health!