2019 Word of the Year: Community

wildwood trail.JPG

Last year, I realized quite deeply and profoundly how isolated I had become in my life, especially as an artist. This was a big reason I signed up for a class at Portland Community College in the fall, which almost immediately confirmed my suspicions. I do enjoy choosing a word to focus on for the year, and so focusing on community came to me quite quickly in light of what I realized last year.

In addition to choosing a word to guide me, I’m also starting the new year with Mel Robbins’ Mindset Reset program. This program is truly life changing with small, science-based, actions to improve one’s mindset. (Join anytime, no cost, no sales funnel). In the first week, I identified manageable goals for the first quarter in six areas of life: body, work, money, love, friendships and self worth.

My mindset deteriorated quickly in the fall when I gave up my summer outdoor exercise routine. This realization is how I found myself in late December clicking my way into signing up for a 10k in March. I am not a runner, mind you, but one day last summer I discovered myself jogging in the forest with a smile on my face and nearly tripping over the path in shock about it. So before I could overthink it, I signed up to motivate myself to exercise outdoors in the winter. This is a hurdle I have not overcome in 7+ years of living in the Pacific Northwest. Guess what? It’s working like a charm. I never feel like it, I moan and groan three times a week, but I put on my shoes and I do it anyway. See that photo up there? Taken yesterday on my longest run to date: 3.7 miles. It’s worth it. I’m not crying five days a week anymore either. The forest air truly lifts the spirit and helps the mind process.

Basically, in summary, you can expect to see more writing from me here on this blog in 2019, my friends.