Winter in Review

winter in review blog post.png

I do work hard to embrace all of the seasons, but it’s admittedly always a relief when winter ends and spring arrives. I tried something very new, and very far out of my comfort zone, to manage the winter blues this year. I signed up and trained for a 10K. 

Have I mentioned that I’m not a runner? I think my collection of selfies tell the honest truth how I felt out there in 30-degree temps and even snow at times. The crucial lesson that I learned: I never once felt like going for a winter run. But I did it anyway. 


I learned “don’t feel like it, do it anyway” from Mel Robbins in 2018. I highly recommend her free training, Mindset Reset, which I spent all of January doing (but it’s really lifelong work). I’m also now realizing this saying applies to many, if not all, areas of adulting. “Don’t feel like cooking, do it anyway.” “Don’t feel like pitching, do it anyway.” “Don’t feel like _______, do it anyway!”

Back to running, the views and the fresh air were awesome, even when it was a biting cold day or with a bitter wind blowing in my face. Trail running is a win-win because it gives me time in nature + it gets the exercise in at the same time. Efficiency is one of my top 10 values after all. :)

foggy road.JPG

I learned another valuable lesson after finishing the 10K — don’t let the stats deflate you. My stats were terrible. Awful. As my teenager said to me, “I’m proud of you and I don’t think you should pay much attention to the numbers this time Mom.” I am competitive though so I’m going to do the exact same event in Winter 2020 and see my own progress. That’s all that really matters.

10k finish.JPG

That’s one exhausted woman at the finish line!