What Home Means to Me

Home means many things to me but I was able to narrow it down quickly actually. A home is a place that supports the people who live in it so they can live the life of their dreams. A home has places to daydream, create and celebrate with loved ones. It has space for entertaining with farm fresh food and it is organized so that family time is spent doing things instead of finding things.

Home is the type of place with a big, wide porch for drinking fresh squeezed lemonade, big trees for children to climb and swing, a garage organized for all things boy and a quiet retreat for creative mamas.

Home is the type of place with a welcoming kitchen that is a joy to cook in and a big farmhouse table to feed a crowd. It is the kind of home where people feel comfortable dropping by for a glass of wine in the evening and where my son feels comfortable bringing boatloads of kids home after school for snacks and fun adventures in the backyard.

Home is the type of place where parties are planned with glee and thrown with ease because there is enough room, but not too much room so that the house feels overwhelming and cold. There is room for house guests, with carefully made beds and bathrooms with sweet little towels and soaps at the ready. And books, oh there is a place for books; always there is a place for books.

NOTE: this post was written in 2010 as part of the Pin It Forward blogger mashup with sfgirlbybay (as part of Pinterest's launch!)