A Path to Bliss

A couple of weeks ago I found a drawer unit at IKEA that matches my other IKEA office furniture. That sentence really is not capable of conveying how much happiness this brought to my life. Just knowing there was more storage in my future and that someday I could have a chance of sitting down in an organized, clutter-less (meaning less clutter not no clutter) Pottery Barn catalog...I mean, office...was enough to make me weep.

I sure did weep too, once when I bought them (I got two) and lugged those 57 lb. boxes home with Jaden. And I wept again last night when I finally opened one box to put it together. I seriously thought my husband, the professional IKEA putter-together, would take pity on me and take over the entire project. I even admitted my secret desire to him as he sat above me, comfortable on the couch, tapping away on his laptop, reading email from his new job (no he hasn't started yet). He just chuckled gently.

Since he is not an evil man though, he did help me every time I got stuck and couldn't understand the cryptic instructions. And he got really involved and busted out some power tools at 10:30 p.m. (I was 2.5 hours into it by then) to cut down the backer board, since (surprise) it wasn't the right size.

Anyway, I finished it up this morning while Jaden was in school.

I've already filled every drawer but one and sadly, my desk is still piled high. You can also see the overburdened bookcase to the left. I refuse to take pictures any farther to the left because it is just a scary pile of crap that has nowhere to go.

Hmm. Guess I have a lot more work to do in this room. But I'm happy. Very happy. I love the square drawers especially, I have had a soft spot for them in my heart since I first laid eyes on them.