IV Weather

It is crazy hot here the past two days. It is so hot still at 9:35 at night that I could easily start my own IV right here at my desk. Too bad it's not 100 degrees at the hospital and oncology offices. If only they realized how many veins shy away from the frigid air conditioning. (It was literally 65 degrees in my hospital room last week).

I have veins popping out all over the place tonight. There is a time and a place for air conditioning: do NOT have it when and where you need IV access to someone's body and DO have it when and where you need to relax and sleep. Hello!

Okay that is the most positive spin I can put on the fact that it's 79 degrees outside and still about 90 in my house. That the multiple fans running are not doing a damn thing to cool this shoebox down, my hair looks like crap and I have a big fever blister from the heat! Nice!

And to top it all off, my boy (MBE) wanted a cruiser too and I was so excited about it and now he is looking at some really ugly weird green Bianchis, the weirdest Italian company of all time since they have absolutely no taste and are clearly color blind if they pick such pukey shades of green for everything they make!

Not that it matters what I think!

(My boy knows what he's getting himself into when he asks his Sicilian girl for her opinion).

(Especially on a hot day!)