Evil Poppit

Death to Poppit!

I love and yet loathe you with a deep passion.

I have let you suck away hours of my life away since I discovered you.
You, with your constant pressure to strategize.

And the tokens and jackpot spins!
Gambling is not necessary with addictive balloon popping.

Even the sound is addictive & I only allow myself the delightful "pop" noise a few times per day.

Groups of colored balloons are burned into my eyelids:

This is all I see when I close my eyes now.

This is sick & it's making me a horrible mother! Jaden and I have been home together all afternoon and have spent zero time together. I am earning not the Bad Mommy award..but the WORST MOTHER OF ALL TIME award.

Poppit! I am breaking up with you!
Right after this game.