Keds, Part Two

I have been too upset about the Keds since Thursday to blog about them. To have so much anticipation and excitement over a shoe and then IT DOES NOT FIT is really too much for me to bear.

Long story short, and two sets of "heel grips" later, I was determined to wear them despite the pain (Crazed Heel Rubbers is what they should be called). Adding to all the angst was the Oregon Mission was not accomplished in one fell swoop at Nordstrom after all, but in more than four fell swoops at Meijer Somethings.

My point is that in a martyr state of mind, I hopped on my Calypso with Jaden after dinner last night and guess what? They are rad for cruising. No heel rubbing because your foot basically stays in place on the pedal, unlike walking (rub, rub, rub).

YAY!!! There is a happy ending after all.